We help business property owners get a near-free solar installation that reduces their electricity expenses by 80% or more within 180 days.

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USA Solar Incentives

The remarkable journey of a franchise restaurant owner who harnessed the power of solar energy

Grant Application Support
Our expert team assisted the owner in securing government grants to cover a significant portion of the $850,000 solar installation cost.

Near-Free Installation
With nearly all expenses covered by grants, the owner only paid $88,000 out of pocket, enjoying zero upfront costs, all made possible by the USDA co-signing the bank loan.

Rapid ROI
In just 14 months, the owner recouped their investment through substantial electricity bill savings.

Zero Electricity Costs
Today, the restaurant enjoys the incredible benefit of $0 electricity bills while successfully managing high electricity demands.

Sustainable Success Story
By embracing solar power, the franchise restaurant not only saves money but also establishes itself as an environmentally responsible business.

USA Solar Incentives

Simplified Solar Success
We handle it all, from grants to installation.

We'll help you through the process from start to finish, from grant application to meeting with your CPA to maximize tax credits, designing the right solar array based on your budget, and even organizing financing if any part of the install isn't paid for.We'll even hire the installation company for you, get the necessary permits, and stick with you until everything is installed and plugged into the electricity grid.

USA Solar Incentives

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